Our Mission:
To “Prepare our youth for life after foster care”

Our Vision:
Foundation First envisions itself as part of larger network non-profit organizations in addressing foster youth who are at risk of dropping out of school, homelessness and/or engaging in destructive activities (drugs, unprotected sex, gang activity, etc.).

OUR WHY: Because everyone deserves a chance at a bright future

OUR WHAT: The Foundation First Project will provide direct face to face help for youth in foster care who are seeking tutoring, access and financial support to areas of interest. Our project will also provide moral support for foster youth on a weekly basis. Goals are created for all foster youth w/ objectives to measure project effectiveness.

OUR HOW: Graduate level college interns will conduct our project for foster youth at our partnering Foster Family Agencies. Foundation First will also partner with local businesses to ensure our youth have the tools & support they need to succeed after foster care.