Our Team

Our team fulfills the promise of our mission by meeting today’s challenges of today’s foster youth in ways that promotes education, cultural and community based exposure and experience.



Passionate, persistent, motivated and inspired, Tiffany Tatum founded Foundation First in April, 2014, to reach out to children and families through her dedicated work in the field of social services and education. Those qualities were developed early on; the direct result of Tiffany Tatum at the age of five, having been placed into foster care after her mother was diagnosed with a mental illness and therefore unable to care for her and her older sister. Tiffany grew up facing many challenges, struggling with self-identify, self-acceptance, and ashamed of the chain of events that lead her into the foster care system. Although she was for many years, uncomfortable discussing her life with others; as a result of the care she received from many social workers, case managers, and social service agencies, as well as many close family members, Tiffany Tatum learned the value of self-identity and acceptance. Such developments paved the way for Tiffany Tatum’s determination to give back to children, families and communities in need. As a former recipient of social services, she is motivated her to help children and families in need.

Tiffany Tatum has held several leadership positions including Executive Director for a non-traditional non-profit organization, Executive Director for NAMI West-Side Los Angeles, as well as serving as Director for several social service non-profits. She has also worked as an Adoptions & Foster Care Social Worker for Walden Family Services. Tiffany has also expanded her social work repertoire by immersing herself in many diverse social service non-profits arenas such as working with the Alzheimer’s population, Autistic population, at-risk youth serving probation, as well as with foster and adoption youth. Tiffany Tatum’s career path, her diplomatic leadership skills, organizational management expertise, along with her passion for touching the lives of children, family and communities, has prepared her to continue using her inherit social work and management skills to successfully create the momentum necessary to support the vision of Foundation First. Mrs. Tatum earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from California State University Northridge. She earned her Masters of Social Work from the University of Southern California’s School of Social Work. Mrs. Tatum also earned her Doctorate of Psychology in Organizational Management & Consulting from Phillips Graduate Institute.



Catherine brings a heart of service and volunteering to our office all the way from a small town in Texas. As an avid activist, Catherine has passionately been involved in her community since a young age. From managing an office that aids the underprivileged in their job search to acting as a child advocate, there is little that Catherine has not done. Ms. Ho also brings her knowledge to this position from her pursuit to finish up her BA in Social Work and move towards her Masters right here in California. As a new resident of Los Angeles, Catherine is excited to become an active member of this community. When not working you can find her exploring her new neighborhood and visiting all that Los Angeles has to offer.

Ryneese Baldwin


Ryneese Baldwin is currently going to The University of Southern California for her masters in social work while focusing on communities, businesses, and organization innovations. On her spare time she has participated in the campaign for the Pasadena Unified School District #3, School Board Elections where she walked communities and polled for candidate Ruben Hueso. Ryneese commitment to helping communities grow all over has shown how much she is committed to the well being and development of not only her immediate community but the communities surrounds her as well.